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Sapere Wealth Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor headquartered in Matthews, NC with assets under management in excess of
$350 million.

Sapere was formed in 2002 to offer a specialized investment approach to a select client base.  The Sapere approach was developed by founder and Chief Investment Officer, Scott Trease, and honed over his 30+ year career as an independent investment manager and innovator. This approach and Scott's passion for his work have attracted talented Sapere Team members, a discerning group of clients, and exciting alliances with some of the most thoughtful investment talent available.

We are value-driven thinkers who listen with great care and respond with focused stewardship of your assets.  We offer independent investment management services to clients including family offices, high net worth individuals, foundations, endowments, and retirement funds.

We design our clients’ portfolios to deliver positive, absolute returns, regardless of broad market direction.  We manage your portfolio as we would run your business: working to earn attractive returns while doing everything in our power to prevent losing money.  We focus relentlessly on protecting and growing the value of our clients’ portfolios and are encouraged by the results we have achieved -- even during the challenges of recent years.  We constantly strive to think boldly, plan carefully, and act with disciplined execution.   

Structured to offer broad global diversification, tightly controlled liquidity and transparency, and access to a broad variety of investment strategies, each Sapere client portfolio is closely monitored.  Custody for all client assets is provided by strong third parties, Fidelity and Northern Trust.  Additionally, we periodically conduct third-party reviews of the operational safety and soundness of many of our various service providers.

We blaze our own, independent trail.  In addition to providing the broadest possible access to investment strategies, expertise and opportunities imaginable, we also serve as general partner to a selection of funds developed to play critical roles in the context of our overall portfolio through our subsidiary, Sapere Fund Management, LLC.

We begin with a consultation that can influence your financial well being for years to come.  By building long-term relationships with painstaking care, founded on trust, together we create a bridge to help you achieve an agreed upon definition of success.  We seek 'Sapere' – to know, in order to act wisely on your behalf. We warmly welcome your inquiries at 800.339.5244 or at BeWise@Sapere.com.


In Latin, Sapere means, 'to know' - and so it is that the Great Horned Owl symbolizes our quest for wisdom.

In imagery and the simple words, Wisdom in Action - we celebrate the vigilant pursuit and application of knowledge on your behalf.

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