Detail from Raphael's The School of Athens  

The Sapere Investment Philosophy:
Wisdom in Action – Anticipatory,
Vigilant & Disciplined.

"Stability breeds instability."
    -Hyman Minsky (1919-1996)


Left unattended, investments can become 'too comfortable' for their own good. An avid student of Minsky and other pillars of financial wisdom, Sapere founder and Chief Investment Officer Scott Trease and the SapereTeam act decisively, with passion, commitment and tangible results.

As independent investment managers, we guide you objectively.  First, we assist you in deciding on the best possible approach to wealth management given your particular needs, as an institutional, family or individual investor, taxable or tax exempt.  Then, we formulate and execute a plan that addresses these needs.  Lastly, as an ongoing aspect of our fiduciary responsibility to you, we remain constantly anticipatory, vigilant and disciplined on your behalf.

As stewards entrusted with the management of your investments, we seek "Sapere" – to know.  We act as wisely as possible on behalf of our clients and strategic partners, while continually educating and re-educating ourselves in a constantly changing world

 Significance of
  Raphael's The
  School of Athens
  to the Sapere



Hyman Minsky - One of the greatest economic minds of the past century.

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